A recent Supreme Court (SC) decision brought some calmness back to the tech world by overturning what was deemed to be a surprising decision by the Court of Appeal (CoA). The CoA had caused a stir when their interpretation of a liquidated damages clause removed the predictability and certainty that such clauses should provide; and […]

UpdateFurlough and dismissal

15th September 2021

Since the start of Covid-19 there have been many schemes introduced by the government in an attempt to support the country’s economy during this unprecedented pandemic. Furlough has been the most notorious and, in some opinions, helpful scheme that the government have implemented and it has aided a substantial number of companies to remain afloat […]

UpdateDisputes with States

13th September 2021

INTRODUCTION In this increasingly globalised and, in some ways, borderless world, an increasing amount of trade is done with sovereign governments, otherwise known as states or countries.

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