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Russians, Sanctions and SARs: Are the UK Banks Getting it Wrong??

The 24th February 2022 radically changed the political, economic and legal world. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, sweeping new economic sanctions were imposed on Russia, and importantly on Russians, by the international community.1 These are some of the most severe and broadly applied sanctions ever imposed. A brief review of the statutory guidance² issued by HM...

W Legal’s Digital Assets Team Responds to ‘A Pro-Innovation Approach to AI Regulation’ White Paper

In an effort to contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI), W Legal’s Digital Assets Team responded to the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology’s (DSIT) White Paper proposals on AI regulation. W Legal answered a series of comprehensive questions posed by the Government, highlighting important considerations, and suggesting further measures to ensure...

Frustration of contract and Covid

Covid has had a wide-ranging effect on contracts. The government introduced various schemes to mitigate the effects, for example in relation to the recoverability of rent and the ability to forfeit property for a certain time due to the pandemic. There has also been litigation relating to business interruption insurance policies, which went to the...

Terrorism and State Immunity

The English Commercial Court recently gave judgment in a case in which a number of the defendants claimed state immunity – Basel Hashwah and others v. Qatar National Bank (Q.P.S.C.) and others [2022] EWHC 2242 (Comm). The claims arose out of the defendants’ alleged participation in an alleged terrorist funding arrangement, by which funds were...

Corporate liability for modern slavery

Introduction Modern slavery is an update of the term “contemporary forms of slavery” which has been used for decades by the UN to address the same issues [1]. There is no globally agreed definition of “modern slavery”(Scarpa, 2018); however, it is being increasingly used by advocacy groups, international organisations and governments to refer to a...

Harpur Trust v Brazel: A Win for Part-Year Workers!

A recent Supreme Court Judgment has answered the long-awaited question about how the holiday pay for part-year workers should be calculated. A ‘part-year worker’ is someone who is permanently employed, but they only work for certain periods throughout the year, for example, term time only workers. Employees in the UK are legally entitled to receive...

Introducing W Legal’s Digital Asset Team

As the digital revolution continues through the evolution of crypto products; tokenisation, decentralised finance, data handling and the metaverse, there are key legal and regulatory issues that must be considered. Read more in our leaflet

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