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One of the reasons that people prefer to work as a consultant in a fee-sharing business is because they are able to take more of their self-generated fees home.

W Legal wish to enable and support consultants to bring home the fees that they have developed and earned.

In each 12 month period you will receive the following in respect of your billed and recovered fees for your introduced clients:
70% of the first £100,000; 80% of £100,001-£200,000; and 90% of amounts in excess of £200,001.

There are no costs. W Legal will provide PI cover, IT support, access to billing and precedent systems, arrange for post to be scanned and forwarded, and general back-office functions. W Legal will create a bespoke package for each consultant regarding work-space options and other requirements. W Legal is different as they appreciate that everybody’s situation is different and so their needs and working requirements are different and they have created a business that will ensure that each consultant will get the support that is needed (within reason!). There is no “one size fits all” approach.

You could earn

70% (0 - 100,000)
80% (100,001 – 200,000)
90% (200,000+)

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